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Respiratory tract

Варианты товара

The composition of the disc, audio recordings of tunes:

1. Respiratory tract - 46 min.

2. Improvement of the respiratory tract - 22 min.

3. The respiratory system recovers - 12 min

4. Healthy lungs - 11 min

On the audio disc, Sytin's attitude to the healing of the respiratory tract, the respiratory system, and healthy lungs are healing.

Recommended for:

  • respiratory diseases
  • lungs' cancer
  • colds
  • pneumonia
  • Pneumonia

Georgy Nikolayevich Sytin, the author of creative thoughts about health, is a man of unique destiny and inimitable gift, who managed to develop an effective method of healing and rejuvenating a person with the help of healing moods.

The presented moods performed by the author (in contrast to the recordings created by other people) give a special healing effect, since in them Georgiy Nikolaevich conveys not only his energy, vigor and strength, but also an invaluable experience of healing, which is clearly felt in his confident intonation and deep conviction.

Disk information:

Genre: Psychology, Health

Author: Georgy Sytin

Read by the author

Disc language: Russian

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