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Oncological diseases

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Disc 172 Breast cancer

The composition of the Online Disc, audio recordings of tunes:1. Divine healing from mastopathy (for..



Sytin's mood from neoplasms in the uterus

This mood of Sytin is designed to eliminate various neoplasms in the uterus.The composition of the k..


Disk 162 Healing from endometriosis

The composition of the Online Disk, audio recordings of tunes:1. Healing from endometriosis - 16 min..


Thoughts, healing from cancer

Assimilating the healing attitudes (creative thoughts) G.N. Sytin, it is possible to defeat the most..



Disc 15 Sytin's mood from oncology, from cancer, from neoplasms

Sytin's mood is from oncology, from cancer, from neoplasms, the destruction of cancer cells. Get pri..


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