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An integrated approach to improving the body | What is needed to work effectively with Sytin's moods?

Often a person, having taken up the healing of the body with the help of Sytin's moods and having worked for a short time, gives up this occupation, not seeing the desired result.

It seems that the mood is good, and the reviews inspire, but the result does not come immediately, the enthusiasm of the person fades away and the mood is removed to the shelf.

What is the reason, and how to achieve those wonderful results that many write about in their reviews? How to set yourself up for daily work with Sytin's moods and accelerate the achievement of the desired result? This will be discussed in this article.

The fact is that in our body everything is interconnected, and if one organ suffers, then this affects the work of the whole organism as a whole. Therefore, dealing with the improvement of a specific organ, it is necessary to pay attention to the whole body. You also need to use special attitudes that will help you tune in to regular and effective work on yourself.

Georgy Nikolaevich, the author of the method, gave the patient a set of moods at the reception, without fail including moods for the improvement of the nervous system, the healing of the soul, strengthening of volitional attention and strengthening of the will. Georgy Nikolayevich also advised to use the “Rhythms of the Brain” attitude to restore the correct functioning of the brain.

The nervous system controls all processes in the body, so it needs to be given priority attention. It is not for nothing that the expression “all diseases are from the nerves” exists. Indeed, the state of the nervous system affects the work of the whole organism, therefore its restoration and strengthening is one of the most important tasks in the healing of the body.

To improve the nervous system, the following attitudes are needed:

  1. Brain rhythms - see more
  2. Improvement of the psyche and nervous system 45 min - see more

Or, as an alternative to attunement to the psyche and the nervous system:

  1. On the stability of the nervous system and recovery of the nervous system 45 min - see more
  2. All worries disappeared, absolutely calm. Blissful tranquility (if you feel that you are under stress and you need to relieve the tension of the nervous system).

It is also advisable to connect the mood for improving the soul. Here is a quote from Academician Sytin from the book “Thoughts that create a healthy nervous system”: “My method is fundamentally different from all modern world medicine. I am flying through the healing of the soul. Modern medicine heals only the physical body with a scalpel or a pill. "

Working with moods, you are just doing the healing of the body through the healing of the soul. But the soul itself must also be healed, and for this, Georgy Nikolaevich has special attitudes that he recommended to all his patients:

  1. Rebirth of a young soul (for men) - see more
  2. Healing the soul (for men) - see more
  3. The revival of a young girl's soul (for women) - see more
  4. Soul rejuvenation (for women) - see more

You can choose the one you like best by listening to the test fragments presented in the mood card.

To work effectively with moods, Sytin also recommended attitudes to strengthen volitional attention and strengthen will, so that it would be easier for the patient to get involved in work on himself and regularly deal with moods, and the moods were better absorbed due to concentration of attention.

Tune in to willpower collected from us complexes for men and women:

  1. Strengthening volitional attention and strengthening the will of a man - see more
  2. Strengthening volitional attention and strengthening the will of a woman - see more

Depending on the mental state of a person, Georgy Nikolaevich could also appoint such attitudes:

  1. On the stability of thoughts of good health - see more
  2. Great perspective of life, joy (in a depressed state, a person's tendency to depression) - see more
  3. Strengthening love. God's love - see more
  4.  Joy of life - see details
  5. I live in complete harmony with the entire universe - see more
  6.  Against self-digging - see more
  7. To suppress doubts about full recovery - see more

You can get a 25% discount for all of these moods by specifying the name of the coupon "complex" when placing an order

Summing up, it should be said that it is necessary to approach the health of the body systematically, including in the work on oneself the mood for the improvement of the nervous system, the soul and for strengthening the will. Thus, you will not only be able to achieve the desired result, but also qualitatively change your life for the better!

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