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For Stress for Men


Disc 133 Healthy Calm, All-crushing Calm

The composition of the Online Disk, audio recordings of tunes:1. Healthy Calm - 28 min - for regular..


Light joy




Disc 25 Continuous improvement of the mind and the nervous system

Sytin's mood, which allows you to strengthen the psyche, restore the full-fledged mental activity of..


The colossal power of life

Sytin's tunes will help each person to work on their own rejuvenation, teach them to keep themselves..


Disc 154 Mood for stress and tachycardia

Kit contents, audio recordings of tunes:1. Absolutely calm. From tachycardia - 17 min.2. For stress ..


Disk 24 I live in complete harmony with the whole universe (for men)

This disc presents the mood for strengthening and improving the vitality of a men’s body, rejuvenati..