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Tune in for a healthier kidney and urinary system for men


Disc 166 Healing from urinary incontinence

The composition of the Online Disc, audio recordings of tunes:1. Divine attitude against urinary inc..


Disc 167 Healing from Enuresis

The composition of the Online Disc, audio recordings of tunes:1. Against bedwetting - 16 min.On the ..


Disk 165 Bladder (for men)

The composition of the Online Disk, audio recordings of tunes:1. Rebirth of the young bladder - 15 m..

High physical activity, non-compliance with the drinking regime, injuries, bad habits contribute to the disruption of the kidneys in men. Chronic diseases of this organ lead to serious complications and subsequently renal failure develops.

Sytin's attitudes are effective for many kidney problems. With regular hard work on assimilation, even serious illnesses such as kidney stones and cysts, often requiring surgery, can be dealt with. The settings will also help with kidney and bladder oncology.

Mood therapy does not replace the methods of traditional medicine and, in combination with it, will help to fully recover and quickly return to an active life.

If you do not know which mood to choose, please contact our specialists by e-mail sytin@bk.ru or by phones:

+7 (499) 340-04-07

+7 (926) 820-37-94

We will be happy to select the settings you need for your case.