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The life-giving power. book 1

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Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin is a world-renowned scientist, academician, creator of spiritual - educational medicine, the possibilities of which are almost limitless.

With the help of creative thoughts, each person can get rid of the most severe ailments, resist age-related changes, and prolong their life. This book contains highly effective moods for overcoming neurasthenia, for the stability of the nervous system, for the removal of facial tics, for recovery after a stroke, etc.

Healing attitudes will help you improve your health, restore vitality, and energize you to look to the future with optimism. A description of the basic principles of educational medicine and the author's recommendations for the successful assimilation of healing attitudes will help to achieve the best results when working with the book.

Table of contents

Publisher's Foreword

From the author

Educational medicine

Self-education techniques

The method of successful assimilation of moods

Healing attitudes

1. On the stability of the nervous system (1st option)

2. On the stability of the nervous system (2nd option)

3. For a healthy sleep (1st option)

4. For a healthy sleep (2nd option)

5. To overcome neurasthenia

6. For sustainability in life

7. For a healthy lifestyle

8. To improve the head

9. To remove the left-sided facial tic

10. For recovery after a stroke

11. For recovery in schizophrenia

12. For recovery from obsessive hypochondria

13. For bold speech behavior

14. Against stuttering

15. For long-term female beauty (1st option)

16. For long-term female beauty (2nd option)

17. On female tenderness

18. For long-term male beauty

19. From impotence

20. To male power

Medical salon G.N. Sytin - selfless help for everyone

Book Information:

Author: Georgy Sytin

Publisher: IG "Ves"

Genre: Psychology, Health

Series: Real Life Extension

Book language: Russian

Publishing city: St. Petersburg

Format: 84x108 / 32, 256 pages

ISBN: 978-5-9573-1983-2

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