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Healing moods. Vigilante mentality, relieve stress and depression - Online book

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"Healing Attitudes" is a unique collection of the most popular and effective creative thoughts, created by Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin - a recognized scientist, whose phenomenal gift and knowledge made it possible to expand the boundaries of understanding of human capabilities and lay the scientific foundations of medicine of the future.

Sytin's healing moods aimed at: activating the body's forces; relieving stress, achieving calmness and harmony; overcoming bad habits; increased immunity; rejuvenation; healing from a number of diseases (heart, eyes, gastrointestinal tract and others).

The effectiveness of Sytin's tunes has been tested and proven by Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin's long-term practice. In confirmation of this, the records of grateful patients from the book of reviews of the Sytin medical salon are cited.

Table of contents

Publisher's Foreword

Author's introduction

Future Parenting Medicine

In the beginning there was ... an effort of will

Creative Healing Thoughts - A Totally New Method

Time is no longer a risk factor

Mood assimilation technique

Creative thoughts for all occasions

Chapter 1. New attitudes

1. Energy and power of life

2. Strive for complete restoration of heart health

3. Accelerate recovery

Chapter 2. Attitudes that activate work on oneself

4. With all the forces of my mind I believe in what I say about myself

5. Development of abilities to work on oneself

6. Development of abilities to work on oneself (for women)

7. Materializing assimilation of attitudes

8. Suppression of doubt

9. Suppression of doubt (for women)

10. I live in complete harmony with the entire universe

11. I live in complete harmony with the entire Universe (for women)

Chapter 3. Development of abilities

12. Development of learning abilities

13. Divine strengthening of the feeling of love

14. Divine strengthening of the feeling of love (for women)

15. Development of mental abilities

16. Strengthening volitional attention

17. Divine strengthening of will, sight and hearing, development of abilities and enrichment of the activity of the brain by including more and more nerve cells in its work

Chapter 4. Attitudes that eliminate the effects of stress

18. Introductory. Calmness

19. Introductory. Calm (for women)

20. Blissful calm

21. Blissful tranquility (for women)

22. To relieve stress

23. Deepest relaxation

24. Omnipotent Calm

25. Healthy sleep

Chapter 5. Revitalizing Moods

26. To protect health

27. Revitalization of the heart in complete harmony with the entire Universe

28. Enhancement of vision, improvement of eyes

29. Divine mechanisms of rejuvenation

30. Healing from gastritis

31. Against smoking

32. Anti-smoking (for women)

33. Overcoming alcoholism

34. Immunity to all diseases (for women)

35. The joy of the final victory over the disease

36. To overcome all manifestations of disease

37. Strengthening self-confidence in good health


Medical salon G.N. Sytin - selfless help for everyone

Book Information:

Author: Georgy Sytin

Publisher: IG "Ves"

ISBN: 978-5-9573-0703-7

E-book in PDF and EPUB formats.

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