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We have on sale CD players!

Good afternoon, dear users of our online store!

If you are used to listening to Sytin’s moods on disks, and you want to do it not only at home, but also on the road, there is great news for you! We have for sale CD and CD-mp3 players! With them you can listen to Sytin’s moods anywhere: at home, in transport, in nature, etc.

Now let’s explain the difference between a CD player and a CD-mp3 player.

The CD player is suitable for listening to all discs available on our website, with the exception of complex discs in blue: according to the Heart and Nervous system. These discs are made in mp3 format, and for them you need, respectively, a CD-mp3 player.

The players are new, made in Japan. Reliable to use and give high-quality sound, both through headphones and through speakers. Warranty 6 months.