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Water Carafes: Health and Inspiration

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Structuring and memory of water

The concept of structured water is the subject of research and discussion. One of the most famous conducted by Masaru Emoto. The essence of his observation: freezing, water crystals take shape, depending on what word was spoken in her presence or what music was playing indoors.

In other words, water has a memory. Does it remember the word? Feeling, emotion? There are interesting studies when one drop was given to listen to swearing speech, the other - symphonic music. The difference was obvious. Broken crystals in the first case and beautiful snowflakes in the second. Photos of crystals prove that water is able to remember not only words, but also emotions.

Confirmation of this is in our origins: illiterate, but wise doctors in any corner of our planet whispered healing words on the water. They knew that a word dissolved in water would help. But what should be the water?

We suggest that you choose a set of decanters on a topic of interest to you and put Sytin’s mood on the water in such a decanter.

Healing information is already embedded in the moods themselves, and if you drink water on which the mood is read, it will significantly increase the effect of the mood! A colored carafe will help water “absorb” the information that you will write to it.

We have 6 sets of two decanters in stock.

When ordering 2 sets, you get the third as a gift!

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