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How to listen to Sytin's moods correctly

Today we will talk about the second way of assimilation of moods - this is listening.

What should you pay attention to when listening to moods?

1. The first is the environment. It is advisable to allocate time specially for listening to moods at home, or during a walk. It is clear that there is not always such an opportunity, so you can listen to the mood while driving to work, in transport or in a car, or, for example, doing some household chores. But it should be borne in mind that in this case, the effectiveness of the mood is somewhat reduced, because attention is distributed to the assimilation of the mood and to the business that you are doing. In transport, you can also be distracted by something.

2. The second thing you should pay attention to is in whose performance you listen to moods. Many people like to listen to the moods performed by Georgy Nikolaevich, the author of the method, his convincing, strong voice, charging with its energy. You can also say the mood yourself and listen to your performance. You can also listen to performances by other authors, but be sure to make sure that the mood is always without music.

Georgy Nikolaevich conducted research and found out that music interferes with the assimilation of moods, and it is even harmful to listen to moods with music, because then the brain needs to arrange not only the mood, but also the music. Therefore, the mood must necessarily be without music, and choose the performance that pleases you, the voice that is pleasant to listen to.

3. The third point is how much time to listen to the moods at a time and during the day.

Georgy Nikolaevich conducted a study and found out that the most effective time for working with the mood is 45 minutes, so it is recommended to listen to the mood for 45 minutes at a time, and it is very effective if you listen to it again during the day.

Many may have a question what to do if the mood is very short - for example, for 10-15 minutes. In this case, the mood can be listened to 2-3 times in a row, or combined by adding similar moods on the same topic to this mood.

On our site, the moods are already assembled into sets specially for 45 minutes of sound.

4. Fourth, let's talk about whether you need to listen to moods every day.

You need to listen to the moods every day, but on Saturday-Sunday you can take a break to relax. It is useful at the weekend to listen to moods for general recovery, for strengthening the nervous system, for harmony and joy of life.

Ways to improve efficiency from listening to moods

1) Add a mood to increase volitional attention so that the brain better concentrates on the mood and, accordingly, better assimilate the mood.

2) Speak the mood after the author - you can use the whole mood, or you can use individual phrases and sentences.

3) Look into the anatomical atlas and see how the organ you are listening to is arranged in order to better understand the structure of the organ, the features of its blood supply and functioning.

4) After listening to the mood, write down the most important phrases for you. They can be written out during one of the auditions, or you can find the text in the book and highlight the phrases in it. If you cannot find the text of the mood, then call the Center for Human Psychological Support

and non-drug treatment according to the method of Academician G.N. Sytin, and we will help you.

5) While listening to the mood, stroke, lightly massaging, the organ (or its projection) that you are listening to. For example, when listening to the mood on the heart, you can lightly stroke the region of the heart, on the eyes - stroke the temples, on the nervous system and brain - stroke on the head, etc.

What is it for? Firstly, energy comes from our hands, it’s not for nothing that they say: “Place your hand on a sore spot.” Secondly, we additionally focus our attention on this organ, and where our attention is focused, energy goes there.

6) If you listen to the mood through the speakers, then you can put a jar or a bottle of clean drinking water in front of the speaker so that the mood is also recorded on the water, then drink this water during the day. Then the mood will not only be assimilated by the brain, but also the water will carry information to the cells.

It was said above that it is effective to rewrite the most important phrases from the mood. If you want to learn how to rewrite the mood correctly, then go to our YouTube channel and watch a video on this topic.

Probably, many are concerned about such a question, after what time can the first results be expected, and after what time can complete healing be achieved. It depends on the person's susceptibility to moods, someone is more receptive, someone is less, and on the complexity of the task being solved.

If the disease has just appeared, at the initial stage, then you can get the first result quite quickly - in just two weeks or a month you can feel an improvement, and you can even fully recover in a month, two, three - it also depends on the person and from the problem.

And another situation, if the disease is already several years old - 5 or even 10, then the body has already got used to this state, and much more effort is needed for the body to rebuild and get rid of this disease. But everything is possible, you just need to understand that if you have a disease for a certain time, then you need more time and effort to recover.