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The power of words to help medicine

"No". He could not agree with the cruel verdict of the doctors - lifelong disability (he was only 20 at the time). He stubbornly repeated: “I reject all illness, I am growing stronger... My body obeys me without fail.” Subsequently, Sytin became convinced of how therapeutic this could be.

Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin - four times Doctor of Science, academician of the International Academy of Sciences (Munich). He has the insignia of Knight and Commander of the International Order "Science. Education. Culture", a gold medal "For Scientific Merit" and a silver medal "Honorary Professor". Doctor of Philosophy (Brussels), President of the Georgy Sytin International University (Brussels - Moscow - New York), Vice-President of the World Information Distributed University.

The emergence of the method of self-persuasion

After being seriously wounded at the front, a young soldier was discharged as a disabled person of the first category. He left the hospital on crutches and with ampoules of medicine that the doctors left for him.

It was at this moment that George decided to cure himself with the help of self-persuasion and began to engage in research in this direction. “I am a strong, strong-willed and healthy person, capable of completely controlling my body, my sensations. Pain leaves my body forever. Every cell of my body is healthy, strong,” was his first attitude. In the 50s, the author, after passing a medical commission at the military registration and enlistment office, was unconditionally declared fit to work - in the absence of restrictions! This case was the only one of its kind.

When Sytin turned 86 years old, he underwent a thorough medical examination, which revealed that his general biological indicators corresponded to his age... 40 years.

Georgy Sytin 86 years old

Created by Sytin on the basis of generally accepted methods of psychotherapy and individual techniques and methods of traditional medicine, the method of verbal-figurative, emotional-volitional control of the human condition (abbreviated SOEVUS) is the antithesis of hypnosis, any suppression of someone else's will.

Why is the method called this way? If you influence only with words, then only one, the second signaling system, works, but the first one will not be activated. This means that the impulse of the cerebral hemispheres sent to the internal environment of the body will turn out to be weak, unable to rebuild the vital activity of tissues and organs.

Using the method, you can send the necessary impulses to certain organs. Its essence is the psychocorrection of somatic structures. This is why blood pressure stabilizes, the heart, stomach, kidneys, and liver become healthier, and mastopathy and other diseases go away. For this purpose, words were chosen - so that they would give birth in a person’s mind to an image of youth, youth, good health, and tranquility. But this is not enough. You also need to connect your feelings to make the image brighter. Then the word, idea, feeling and will become the psychological instrument that is capable of influencing not only the consciousness, but also the human body. Each text, depending on the disease, is compiled taking into account the peculiarities of perception and with the subconscious in mind. Everything has been verified to the smallest detail through numerous studies and confirmed by many years of practice.

Sytin's method includes not only text, but also a method that allows you to read and write it correctly. This treatment is safe and can be used without the help of others. The technique allows a person to control heart rhythm, blood pressure, cerebral and coronary circulation, and other physiological functions. The mood creates such an emotional environment for the patient that promotes the renewal and strengthening of the work of both individual organs and the entire organism. With the help of mastering attitudes, self-control over the physical and psychological state is achieved.

The method of self-persuasion completely introduces the patient into the treatment process, gives the opportunity to work on their health, awakens understanding, interest, and enhances memory function. This method not only cures, but also shapes a person in a new way. The moods are designed in such a way that they enable the patient to see images of himself as healthy, young, full of strength and joy, and push him to work on his health.

Russian and foreign physiologists have experimentally proven that impulses caused by speech generate a powerful signal in the brain, which gives the command to the entire body to become healthy. And the improvement in the body’s condition once again proves the effectiveness of the SOEVUS method by the body’s condition.

Experimental work

The doctor's team began work in the late 50s to apply the method in various areas of life. To carry out this activity on a larger scale, it was necessary to additionally study new areas: pedagogy, philosophy, medicine, psychology and much more, where the method was tested.

A new method of healing was used in the training of cosmonauts, in particular Yuri Gagarin. The astronauts were the first to appreciate the advantages of the method. The author has written more than 25 thousand settings in order to prepare for various loads, as well as to restore health after returning from orbit. When the health of cosmonaut Vitaly Mikhailovich Zholobov was under threat, and medicine was powerless, he was brought to the creator of the method. Georgy Nikolaevich saved the pilot from paralysis. After a flight into space, he developed a severe nervous system disorder. The author of the method applied his spirit to the hero’s recovery, and the result appeared on the same day. All this happened before the eyes of the head of the support group of the Cosmonaut Training Center, V. N. Kolesov.

The Minister of Instrumentation of the USSR invited the doctor to create a psychological support system in production; special devices were developed to determine the strength of the impact of words on the body. When measuring brain potentials, instrument needles using sensors showed the slightest changes in the patient’s physiological state, recording which words had the greatest impact on the organs.

Sytin's methods began to be used in factories, for example at the Moscow enterprise "Crystal", as a result an increase in labor productivity was achieved. The SOEVUS method has been introduced to train rescuers throughout the country, as well as in the Central Airmobile International Unit, whose specialists rescue people all over the world.

Sytin's methods began to be used in factories

For many years, the author practiced his method in sports, industry, education, and with victims of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The main goal of this work was the accumulation, practical use of material and evaluation of the method in practice, in order to convince psychology specialists of the need for its use, and to demonstrate to the younger generation the unlimited abilities of self-persuasion. The method was tested at universities in Kursk, Gorlovka and Kaluga.

At the Kaluga university, the efficiency of teachers has increased, and students have begun to better assimilate the curriculum. Sytin did a lot of work with our athletes. The doctor suggested that, when preparing for competitions, they mentally imagine their victory and the loss of their opponent. The technique was tested in 12 sports. The DOSAAF Committee of the Soviet Union introduced the SOEVUS method into the training of shooting athletes throughout the country. Later, publications spoke about Georgy Nikolaevich’s contribution to the development of sports: he worked with Igor Raenko for three days before the competition on the stability of the nervous system, and at the USSR Championship he showed the standard of an international-class master of sports; Viktor Potapov twice won the world championship in catamaran racing.

The leaders of the Soviet Union also appreciated the successful activities. The doctor was invited by members of the Central Committee of the Party and the Presidium of the Supreme Council.

In 1990, Chairman of the Council of Ministers Kosygin, together with the Ministry of Health, established a scientific center for psychological support of people using the SOEVUS method. The center has developed a new method of psychological support for the population. At the initiative of the Russian government, it was reviewed and approved by the Presidium of the Academy of Medical Sciences. In the center, established with the participation of Sytin, there is a free healing salon; on its territory, patients have the opportunity to listen to moods in a cozy atmosphere. The results of recovery and positive changes can be seen in all visitors. The work done over decades has shown the effectiveness of the method by mobilizing the individual’s abilities, the forces of self-preservation and self-healing, and in addition, by forming a person’s meaningful approach to their health.

The psychological support institution of Georgy Sytin in Moscow continues to operate after the death of its founder. The salon conducts free lectures on mastering and selecting attitudes. The author's family continues to manage the Georgiy Nikolaevich Center. Until the last day, the doctor created new attitudes that have not yet been published. These texts are aimed at rejuvenation and healing of the whole body.

Medicine all over the world is working to prolong life in various ways. Many people understand that with a strong desire, a person can improve their health faster. The will of the patient sometimes plays a decisive role. If the patient is passive, then the efforts of doctors may be nullified. Doctors must teach the patient how to work on themselves. Unfortunately, in practice we see something different: the attending physician lacks knowledge and practice in this area and needs appropriate training.

From early childhood, parents and science have the opportunity to give a person knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. After all, thoughts can determine a lot: both health and success, and provoke illness and attract failure.

Author: Valery Spiridonov

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