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How to rewrite Sytin's moods correctly

Rewriting is the most effective way of assimilation of moods, since in this case there is a maximum concentration on the mood. When rewriting, 80% of the brain is immediately involved.

Let's talk about the features of rewriting settings:

1. What settings can be overwritten? There are special express settings for rewriting, there is even a separate book with express settings "Thoughts that create women's happiness." This book contains more than 350 moods on a variety of topics, most of the moods are common - they are suitable not only for women, but also for men.

In general, you can rewrite any mood. You need to choose the most important places for you from the mood so that the total time of rewriting is about 45 minutes - this is the most effective time for assimilation of the infusion, both when copying, and when listening and reading.

2. Now let's talk about how to rewrite the mood correctly. You need to read the sentence, memorize it, put the book aside and write it down from memory. If the sentence is very long and you can’t immediately remember it in its entirety, you can rewrite it with semantic phrases. Rewriting in single words is inefficient.

It is possible to rewrite the audio mood, but this is more difficult, because the end of a phrase or sentence must be determined by ear.

If you have found a suitable audio mood, you want to start rewriting it, but you don’t know where to get the text, call us, I or my employees will tell you in which book this mood is located.

Nuances: you need to rewrite carefully, writing out each letter, putting down all punctuation marks.

3. How often should the mood be rewritten? The mood needs to be assimilated every day, to engage in sessions for 40-45 minutes. This is the most efficient time to work with the mood. It is very effective to assimilate the mood twice a day: in the morning and in the afternoon / towards evening.

4. Rewriting is the most time-consuming way to master the moods. It can be alternated with listening or reading the mood. If you want to know how to read the settings correctly, then follow the hint above. And if you are interested in how to effectively listen to moods, then follow this hint.

Ways to increase the effectiveness of assimilation of attitudes:

1) Speak the sentence after recording - in this way you also connect the auditory channel of perception, increasing the efficiency of assimilation of the mood.

2) Look at the anatomical atlas in order to better understand the structure and work of the organ you are treating.

3) Speak during the day the most important phrases for you from the mood. By doing this, you activate the brain, and it enhances the healing process of the body.

4) In addition to the main mood, add another reading or listening to the mood to increase volitional attention in order to better concentrate on the mood.

We have very interesting reviews, if you want to see them, follow the hint above.

That's all for today. See you on our YouTube channel!