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Thoughts, reviving a healthy cardiovascular system - Online book

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Spiritual - educational medicine, scientifically based and created by G.N. Sytin, guarantees the restoration of health and rejuvenation of the body to people of all ages - without drugs and traumatic surgery.

This book contains a story about the essence of spiritual-educational medicine, the author's detailed recommendations on self-education and more than fifty healing attitudes, assimilating which, you can revive the healthy, correct functioning of the entire cardiovascular system: normalize heart rate and blood pressure, restore full, free blood circulation throughout the body, get rid of headache attacks and angina pectoris, heal from varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Table of contents

From the author

Spiritual - Educational Medicine

Self-healing of the heart through self-education

The method of successful assimilation of moods

To strengthen volitional attention

Chapter 1. Helping the Heart

1. I love my heart

2. Helping the heart

3. Ambulance for the heart

4. Blissful heart (for men and women)

5. To the bliss of the heart

6. Protection of the heart

7. Healthy calm heart

8. Healthy calm heart (for women)

9. Removal of excitement of the heart

Chapter 2. Revival of a healthy heart rhythm

10. Neuro-cerebral apparatus of the heart

11. On the endurance of the heart

12. Steadfast heart

13. Stability of the heart

14. Healing from cardiac arrhythmias (1st part)

15. Healing from arrhythmias of the heart (2nd part)

16. Against cardiac arrhythmias

17. Absolutely calm. Healing from tachycardia

18. Divine healing for bradycardia (for women)

19. Divine healing from bradycardia (for women, 2nd option)

20. Divine revival of the youthful structure of the brain and heart. Healing from arrhythmias

21. Conductive system of the heart

22. Heart rate

23. The indestructible stability of the correct functioning of the heart

Chapter 3. Normalization of blood pressure

24. Healing from hypotension

25. Decrease in blood pressure to normal - 120/80

26. Decrease in high blood pressure (1st option)

27. Decrease in high blood pressure (2nd option)

28. On the stability of normal blood pressure - 120/80

29. Stability of blood pressure

Chapter 4. Treatment of patients with vascular diseases

30. Cleansing the body

31. Thought image of a cheerful cardiovascular system

32. Divine Healing-Rejuvenation of Blood Vessels (for Women)

33. Improvement of the cardiovascular system

34. Divine attitude to relieve headaches and pain in the heart

35. Improvement of the neuro-cerebral apparatus of the blood supply to the head

36. Divine healing from spasms of cerebral vessels

37. Blood circulation of the head, neck

38. Cerebral and coronary circulation

39. Healing from aortic aneurysm (for women)

40. Improvement of coronary circulation

41. Divine healing from angina attacks

42. Divine healing from mitral valve stenosis. Revival of the 15-year-old structure of the cardiovascular system

43. Blood circulation in the muscles

44. Blood circulation in the legs

45. Blood circulation in the perineal region. Healing from hemorrhoids

46. ​​Blood circulation in the perineal region. Healing for hemorrhoids (for women)

47. Healing from varicose veins (for women)

Chapter 5. Improving the performance of the heart

48. Development of the heart during training with an element of general improvement of all body systems

49. The birth of a newborn-adolescent cardiovascular system - the birth of the need for sports strength exercises

50. I know how true: the heart becomes more energetic

Chapter 6. Associated attitudes

51. Against smoking

52. Against alcoholism

Medical salon G.N. Sytin is selfless help for everyone.

Book Information:

Author: Georgy Sytin

Publisher: IG "Ves"

Format: 84x108 / 32, 256 pages

ISBN: 978-5-9573-1542-1

E-book in PDF and EPUB formats.

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