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Continuous improvement of the mind and the nervous system

Continuous improvement of the mind and the nervous system

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Sytin's mood, which allows you to strengthen the psyche, restore the full-fledged mental activity of a person, heal and strengthen the nervous system.

Kit contents, audio recordings of tunes:

1. Divine continuous healing of the psyche and nervous system - 44 min.

listen to a fragment of Sytin's mood

Recommended for:

  • various disorders of the nervous system,
  • schizophrenia,
  • depression,
  • fears (claustrophobia, hemophobia),
  • panic attacks,
  • epilepsy.

Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin, the author of creative thoughts about health, is a man of unique destiny and inimitable gift, who managed to develop an effective method of healing and rejuvenating a person with the help of healing moods.

Sytin's healing moods performed by the author (in contrast to the recordings created by other people) give a special effect, since in them Georgy Nikolaevich conveys not only his energy, vigor and strength, but also an invaluable experience of healing, which is clearly felt in his confident intonation and deep conviction.

Sytin's tunes can be downloaded in mp3 format.

Download audio tunes to your computer or phone and start mastering tunes right away!

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1. Божественное непрерывное оздоровление психики и нервной системы - 44 мин. 

слушать фрагмент настроя Сытина 

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