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Treatment sessions of Academician G.N. Sytin Part 2

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Continuation of the famous book of lectures of academician Sytin Healing sessions.

This book is simply necessary for everyone who works with the attitudes of G.N. Sytin, and especially for those who are just about to get involved in work on themselves. It tells about the principles of working with moods, about how they affect a person, what psychological technologies are needed in order for them to have the maximum impact, what words are especially effective. The reader will find a lot of useful information here: what is the soul, what are its capabilities, how the soul affects the physical body of a person, why aging begins, how to overcome it, why diseases accumulate, how to cope with them, how to restore vitality and other information.

The book includes treatment sessions for 2010-2012; Each session focuses on a specific topic. It explains in particular detail how to work on creating a new youth, what problems arise along the way, and how to deal with them. Questions are answered at the end of each session.



Treatment sessions


Revival of Youth (October 3)

Revival of spiritual and physical forces (October 24)


Creating a New Youth (March 25)

New opportunities for life extension (June 24)

The Great Happiness of Creating Eternal Youth (December 23)


Teaching on Divine Self-Transfiguration (January 27)

Opportunity for Instant Healing and Rejuvenation of Youth (February 24)

The Possibilities of Instant Healing and Rejuvenation of Youth (With New Data) (March 31)

The Possibilities of Creating an Immortal Physical Body (April 28)

Creation of eternal youth and an immortal physical body (May 26)

Real life without aging (September 29)

Thoughts That Create Life Without Aging (November 24)

year 2012

I'm Always Young (January 26)

Full rebirth of a young soul and a young body (February 23)

Problems of Practical Creation of Eternal Youth (March 29)

Overcoming Aging (April 26)

Medical salon G.N. Sytina is a disinterested help for everyone.

Book information:

Author: Georgy Sytin

Publisher: IG "Ves"

Format: 84x108/32, 240 pages

ISBN: 978-5-9573-2887-2

E-book in PDF and EPUB formats.

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