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Healing sessions conducted by academician GN Sytin Book 1

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Sytin's healing moods will help patients suffering from nervous diseases (depression, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, etc.), diseases of the cardiovascular system, digestive organs. The reader will also find here the mood to restore the health of the female body.

Academician Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin has been the head of the Center for Psychological Support for more than 20 years, where he conducts treatment sessions for sick people of different ages and carries out a huge scientific work in conjunction with the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS).

In case of serious illnesses, when patients, even with the mood, cannot restore their health, G.N. Sytin himself conducts healing sessions. They greatly increase a person's ability to restore their health, even in those cases when medicine considers treatment useless. These sessions are first published in this book.

Table of contents

  • From the author
  • Teaching about Divine Self-Transformation. I create an immortal physical body
  • The Law of the Universe on Spiritual Matter
  • Psychological support teaching
  • Self-education techniques
  • The method of successful assimilation of moods
  • Memo for the one who creates eternal youth
  • Healing attitudes

Part I. Healthy nervous system

Chapter 1. Brain spinal cord

  • Rapid development of the brain spinal cord
  • Revitalizing a Healthy Brain
  • Virgin serviceable speech
  • Healthy structure of nerve cells
  • Perfectly healthy brain
  • Healing the brain
  • Healing from a brain cyst
  • Healing Divine Light in the Whole Head
  • Young life force in the brain center of will
  • Newborn integrity of all structures of the brain
  • Newborn young brain
  • Creating a virgin healthy brain
  • Strengthening the brain spinal cord
  • Strengthening the spiritual and brain centers of will
  • Speeding up recall

Chapter 2. Improvement of the nervous system

  • Powerful life force in nerve cells
  • Healing the entire nervous system
  • Healing nerve cells from disorders
  • My nerves are healthy (child's version)
  • The nervous system is perfectly working
  • Complete recovery of the entire nervous system
  • Lasting calmness of the nervous system
  • Strengthening the nervous system

Chapter 3. Healing from diseases of the nervous system

  • Healing from Parkinson's disease (1st option)
  • Healing from Parkinson's disease (2nd option)
  • Healing from Parkinson's disease (for women)
  • Healing for headaches
  • Healing for depression (for women)
  • Healing for depression (for men)
  • Healing from a right-sided stroke
  • Healing from multiple sclerosis (1st option)
  • Healing from multiple sclerosis (2nd option)
  • Healing from epilepsy

Chapter 4. Healing of sight, hearing

  • Gigantic energetic hearing
  • Healing strabismus
  • Healing hearing with the participation of the God of the Universe
  • Healing hearing with Spiridon
  • Healthier eyes
  • Improvement of the neuro-cerebral visual apparatus
  • Keen eyesight
  • Complete revival of young vision
  • The birth of acute vision in the left eye
  • Enhanced vision and hearing
  • Hearing enhancement

Part II. Healthy cardiovascular system

Chapter 1. Revival of a healthy heart and the entire cardiovascular system

  • Revitalization of the cardiovascular system
  • Revival of the youthful structure of the heart
  • Revival of the conducting system of the heart
  • Revival of the heart after a heart attack
  • Overgrowth of the Batalov channel
  • Healing from arrhythmias
  • Complete healing of the heart

Chapter 2. Young healthy heart

  • An eternally healthy conduction system
  • An eternally healthy heart
  • All the mechanisms of the heart are virgin working
  • Healthy heart
  • Biologically pure blood vessels of the heart
  • My heart is heroic mighty
  • Unbreakably strong mighty heart
  • Titanically Resistant Young Healthy Heart

Chapter 3. Activating the heart

  • Young life force in my heart
  • Filling the heart with the heroic power of life
  • Healthier heart
  • The birth of a new healthy heart
  • Building a Healthy Heart
  • Strengthening the heart

Part III. Healing from diseases of the digestive system

  • Activation of the stomach, intestines
  • Divine Healing of the Stomach
  • Revival of a healthy digestive system
  • The whole digestive system is healthy
  • Hepatitis C Healing
  • Healing Diabetes

Part IV. Healthy female body

  • Safe childbirth
  • The revival of the girlish body structure
  • Rebirth of fertility
  • All organs in the pelvic region are perfectly healthy
  • Virgin healthy right mammary gland
  • Healthy reproductive system
  • Healthy structure of the entire female body
  • Healthy easy labor
  • Healing from mastopathy
  • Complete healing of the female body
  • I am virgin healthy

Center for psychological support G.N. Sytin - selfless help for everyone

Book Information:

Author: Georgy Sytin

Publisher: IG "Ves"

ISBN: 978-5-9573-2492-8

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