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The method of healing moods by Georgy Sytin

Method of healing moods of academician Sytin - method SOEVUS

(Verbal-shaped emotional-volitional state control)

  • Description of the method of academician Georgy Sytin
  • Scientific justification of the method
  • If a person does not believe in the method
  • The value of the Sytin method
  • Sytin's treatment
  • What diseases can be treated by the method of academician Sytin?
  • Do I need to know the exact diagnosis to work with attitudes?
  • At what age can you start using Sytin's moods?
  • Using Sytin's moods for children
  • Scientific conclusions on the Sytin method
  • Results and patient reviews
  • A little about moods and their choice

The method of academician Georgy Sytin is based on the fact recognized by scientists: the thoughts and words of a person affect the mental and physical health of his body. The influence of a word on a person has tremendous power. In a word, you can literally kill a person, bring him into a state of depression and illness, or, on the contrary, you can inspire and heal.

The famous medieval physician Avicenna said: "A physician has three means in the fight against a disease - a word, a plant, a knife." Pay attention: he put the word in the first place.

Description of the method of academician Sytin

There is no mysticism in the method of academician Sytin. The principle of action of moods is that when working with moods, the brain is activated and gives powerful impulses to the internal environment of the body, starting the healing processes.

The technique of attitudes is based on the "SOEVUS" method: verbal-figurative emotional state control.

Sytin's method is based on "attitudes" developed by the author.

Attitude is a system of verbally formulated creative thoughts about oneself. The texts of the moods are composed in such a way that they create in a person vivid images of health, youth, strength, longevity and beauty, which are well perceived by the brain, and based on them, it launches the healing processes in order to translate them into reality.

Psycholinguistic studies of mood texts have shown that their construction differs from all hitherto known prayers, conspiracies, meditations, affirmations and texts used in psychotherapy. Features of the structure and semantic content of individual formulas of attitudes ensure their high efficiency in managing the mental state of a person and improving his body.

Scientific justification of the method

The method is based on rigorous science, namely, on the teachings of academician I.P. Pavlova on speech as a second signaling system (https://lektsii.org/6-98657.html) and its connection with the human subconscious, which controls physiological processes in the body. Using this connection, it is possible, with the help of the word, to exert a targeted effect on the psyche and, through it, on a variety of processes occurring in the body: restore and strengthen the functions of internal organs, destroy infection, develop abilities, thinking, memory and much more.

Over the past two decades, domestic and foreign physiologists have experimentally shown that the impulses of the second signal system caused by the word come from the cerebral cortex into the internal environment of the body and rebuild the vital activity of tissues and internal organs for a long time. This explains the greater stability of the healthy vital activity of the organism, caused by the assimilation of the moods of the SOEVUS method. As our research has shown, the results of one thirty-minute session with a patient are recorded by devices for a month or more.

The human brain stores the entire process of its healthy and diseased development. Sytin's method uses this very phenomenon, mainly on it, and extraordinary changes in people are based.

To heal and improve the activity of any sick or weakened organ, the Sytin method normalizes the control of the organ by the nervous system, rinses it with a rapid flow of blood and provides it with adequate nutrition and oxygen, pours energy and strength into it. All this is done with the appropriate attitude. In Sytin's method, such attitudes are available for all organs and systems of the body.

If a person does not believe in the method

Thousands of people are grateful to Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin for their recovery. Of course, the method is most beneficial to those who approach it with trust and hope. However, attitudes were often beneficial to those who not only did not recognize the method, but also actively opposed the treatment. However, if you want to get the maximum possible benefit from the moods, then at least listen to the recommendations of the author.

The value of the Sytin method

Sytin's method is of particular value in cases where, for some reason, drug treatment is impossible or ineffective. It has no side effects and is gentle on patients. Often, starting to use attitudes, a person gradually abandons pills and begins to lead a full healthy life.

Summing up, we can safely say that along with traditional medical treatment, you can also use the method of Academician Sytin, which is often a significant addition, and sometimes the only way to improve and heal a person.

Sytin's treatment

Yes, yes, some people write just that when they search the Internet for the mood of Georgy Nikolaevich. The surname "Sytin" is already so connected by people with his method of healing that some directly write on the Internet: "Treatment by Sytin", implying treatment with the attitudes of Georgy Nikolaevich. Users also drive in more traditional phrases, such as "adjust Sytin treatment" or "treatment according to Sytin."

What diseases can be treated by the method of academician Sytin?

Using the Sytin method, you can remove a variety of disorders in the body: cardiovascular, nervous, digestive problems, kidney problems, restore vision and hearing, heal the spine and joints, heal from gynecological diseases, problems with potency, etc. it is possible to restore the functions of all organs and systems.

Sytin's moods heal from diabetes and arrhythmias, normalize high blood pressure, restore joints, heal stomach and intestinal ulcers, normalize the nervous system, recover from stress and help solve other health problems.

Even such serious diseases that are considered incurable in medicine, for example, multiple sclerosis, can also be treated with the help of Sytin's attitudes. Such a statement sometimes causes bewilderment, but the point is that the mood is aimed at restoring the functions of organs and body systems, and therefore one can recover from a variety of diseases and various disorders of the body. Sometimes in medicine there is no suitable pill or other instrument to influence the human body, the function of a particular organ.

Do I need to know the exact diagnosis to work with attitudes?

Sometimes doctors cannot understand what is the cause of the disease, and it can take years to make a diagnosis. And even if a person knows the exact diagnosis, the cause of the disease often remains unknown. Here Sytin's attitudes help a lot, because they are aimed at a healthy state of a person. Often it is not so important what exactly is the cause of the organ malfunction. It is important, with the help of moods, to start the healing of the organ and the whole organism as a whole, remind the body of a healthy state, feel the joy and energy of health, and the body itself will launch the necessary recovery processes and heal the diseased organ.

It is good when we understand and know the features of the disease, what exactly is the violation in the body. Then you can more accurately choose the right mood. But even a general understanding of which organ is impaired is enough to choose a mood and begin the healing process.

In many moods there are phrases of such a plan: “the organ / system is getting healthier, getting stronger, restoring its correct structure to the newborn, ideally performing all its functions in the body”. And such attitudes (and most of them) are suitable for the treatment of various organ disorders.

For example, with different diseases of the digestive system, the same attitude towards improving the stomach and intestines may be suitable, or with different ARVIs, the same attitude towards eliminating the infection.

There are even such unique cases when the lost organs were restored with the help of moods. We have recorded a vivid case when a man had his pancreas removed, and he began to work with the spirit of restoring and healing the pancreas. In about a year he recovered his pancreas, and when he was being examined at the clinic, the ultrasound doctor said to him in surprise: "You have a pancreas of some strange shape: in the form of an apple." And he says: "So I restored it to myself with the mood of Sytin, and I feel great, I don't drink any pills."

In essence, the SOEVUS method is a method of psychocorrection of somatic structures: for example, in case of gastric ulcer, the mucous membrane is not restored by scarring, as usual, but by epithelization and after healing, no traces remain on the mucous membrane; at the onset of menopause, menstruation is restored in women, for example, three years after their cessation (for long periods, the author has no observations), and in men, sexual function is restored and even twelve years after its extinction, and the appearance of the face and the whole body changes, gray-haired hair regains its natural color, etc.

With the help of Sytin's method, it is possible to cure such serious diseases as oncology, schizophrenia, Minier's disease, multiple sclerosis, nervous tics, various autoimmune disorders and other diseases that are difficult to treat with traditional methods.

The SOEVUS method opens a new era of highly effective medicine without a knife and drugs. And the method also reveals to mankind the ways of rejuvenation and long-term healthy happy life.

The effectiveness of the application of the SOEVUS method is great. It gives excellent results in the development of all human abilities, in enhancing his creative activity in studies, self-education, science, art, in production. For this, the author has developed appropriate attitudes.

The potential of the SOEVUS method is enormous and it will certainly find a place for itself in many other spheres of human life.

At what age can you start using Sytin's moods?

The method of academician Sytin requires efforts on the part of a person and the need to allocate time every day to work on oneself. In our age of constant lack of time and lack of attention, people often do not find the opportunity to take care of themselves. If a person does not have serious health problems, then, often, there is no time to take care of himself. And already towards retirement, when a person acquires many different diseases that begin to bother him, he goes to the doctors and sees that traditional medicine does not give much result, or even cannot help him at all. Then the person looks for alternative ways and begins to use the Sytin method.

You can apply attitudes at a young age, and not only to improve the body in case of serious illnesses, but also in the treatment of such common things as the flu and colds. By using the kill-infection mindset, you can quickly recover from the flu without complications. And if during the flu season you periodically read the moods for strengthening the immune system and strengthening the body's defenses, then you can be healthy for many years without having any colds.

Also, at a young age, you can and should use attitudes to develop abilities, memory and thinking. They will help you achieve high results not only in your studies, but also in your career. Read a review on this application of tunes.

Setting yourself up for calmness and stress recovery is helpful to relieve stress quickly after a stressful situation.

Even children can use the settings. But this will be discussed in our next section.

Using Sytin's moods for children

The method of academician Sytin does not require any preliminary special training for its application. Georgy Nikolaevich wrote that moods can be learned without any restrictions at the age of 16 and older. Only special attitudes against stuttering and overcoming bedwetting were designed directly for children.

But for the many years of work of the Sytin Center, interesting results have been obtained on the use of attitudes in the treatment of children and in other areas.

For example, the teacher read to the children the mood for calmness and concentration of attention before the tests and exams, and the students really liked it. They calmed down, focused on tasks, and performed much better on tasks. The children liked the moods so much that then they themselves asked the teacher to read the moods before the test.

Nowadays, children are under a very heavy load in schools and institutes, and even children already suffer from various disorders in the functioning of the nervous system, such as nervous tics, exhaustion of the nervous system, insomnia, etc. And here moods can come to the rescue, which will relieve stress and strengthen the child's nervous system.

There is also an interesting experience of using moods in the treatment of influenza in children. One admirer of Sytin's moods, when her children fell ill with the flu, tried to read to them instead of a bedtime story the mood to strengthen the immune system. And the children began to recover much faster.

Commenting on this case, you can download that in children the assimilation of the mood went to a greater extent through the subconscious, which caught the meaning of the mood and started the corresponding processes in the body.

A similar case was with Georgy Nikolaevich himself, when a Swede who did not know Russian came to see him. The Swede suffered from heart disease and a rapid pulse (tachycardia). Georgy Nikolaevich was a little confused, and his assistant suggested that he conduct a session with a Swede in Russian. Georgy Nikolaevich did just that. And lo and behold: the client's pulse returned to normal, the work of the heart was restored. This proves once again that moods act not only with conscious assimilation, but also through our subconsciousness, influencing our body and launching the processes of healing and healing in it.

A similar case was of another woman whose dog got cancer. The woman began to consider the mood for the destruction of cancer cells, and soon the dog recovered! The woman was very happy and called our Center to tell about such a unique case.

There is also experience in using Sytin's attitudes when working with autistic children. Read about this in our separate article.

There is experience of using attitudes with a 2nd grade child to develop learning abilities. The child began to read every day a specially prepared for him a small mood for the development of abilities, and significantly improved his success in school. His father was immensely happy, since they already wanted to transfer the child to a school for mentally retarded children. And working with the spirit, his son finished the year with only fours and fives!

Scientific conclusions on the Sytin method

The method has been tested in various medical institutions.

The Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M.Sechenov gave a positive response to the method of Georgy Nikolaevich. You can see the corresponding document at the link.

The Medical Academy of Sciences of the USSR sent a letter to the Institute of Psychology for inclusion in the scientific plan of the Sytin method and its application in medical institutions of the USSR in order to increase the efficiency and improve the health of scientists of the Academy of Sciences.

Also, the method was tested at the Institute of Biophysics of the USSR Ministry of Health and also received a positive assessment.

Specialists from the USSR Ministry of Health also gave a positive response to the method.

The study of the method was carried out at the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry. V.P.Serbian Ministry of Health of Russia. The method was successfully tested and received a positive conclusion.

The Institute of Psychology, where Sytin worked, also gave a positive opinion on the method.

A review of Sytin's method was written by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Bykhovsky. He noted that the method, unlike drugs, has no side effects. Bykhovsky wrote that the results obtained using the method give the right to widely implement the method in various fields, including medical practice.

Results and patient reviews

We have a dedicated section on the website for patient reviews and their results.

Follow the link and read reviews on topics that interest you.

I wish you success in mastering the mood and good health!

A little about moods and their choice

We recommend that you listen to tune only in the performance of the author, since Georgy Nikolayevich, pronouncing his moods, put into them not only his soul, energy and strength, but also an invaluable experience of healing, which is clearly felt in intonation and deep conviction.

You can choose the mood by selecting the desired section and subsection on our website. And if you have any questions with the choice of mood or you will not find a book or audio recording on a topic of interest to you, call +7 (499) 648-05-62 or email us at sytin@bk.ru, we will look for material in the full database moods of Georgy Nikolaevich and we will definitely select the appropriate moods for your case.