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How to read Sytin's moods correctly

There are three main ways to assimilate attitudes:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Rewriting

In this article, we will analyze how to effectively read Sytin's moods.

1. There are two options for reading - aloud and silently. It is more effective to read aloud, because. in this case, you use two channels of perception of information at once - visual and auditory.

2. In what environment is it better to read moods? Ideally, retire, create yourself a quiet, calm environment so that you can focus on the mood as much as possible. It is clear that this is not always possible, so you can read the moods in transport, on the way to or from work, in the park, etc., the main thing is to focus on what you are reading as much as possible.

3. What is the best voice to read the mood? The mood should be read confidently, but without pathos. The exception is the mood for calm. They should be read in a calm, even tone. You can watch a video on our YouTube channel where Georgy Nikolayevich reads the mood, and read in about the same way as he, this is an excellent role model.

4. How much should I do at one time and per day? Georgy Nikolaevich conducted a study and found out that the most optimal time is 45 minutes, like a school lesson. Therefore, we read the mood for 45 minutes, rest and, if possible, during the day we read this mood for another 45 minutes. If 45 minutes is hard to read, you can start with 20-30 minutes. Reading for less than 20 minutes is very ineffective, because, according to the results of the study, only after 15 minutes of working with the mindset, the brain is activated and launches impulses into the body, starts the healing process.

We are often asked what to do if the mood is short, on 2-3 pages. In this case, you can read the mood several times in a row, so that in total you get 40-45 minutes of reading, or add a similar mood on this topic to it.

Techniques that increase the efficiency of assimilation of Sytin's attitudes

1. Prescribing. After reading, it is useful to write down the most important phrases from the mood for you. That is, you read 45 minutes, then you can read less, 35-40 minutes, and then spend 10-15 minutes to write down the most significant phrases for you.

If you want to learn how to rewrite the settings correctly, go to our YouTube channel and watch the corresponding video.

2. Look into the anatomical atlas and see how the organ you are reading about is arranged, especially its blood supply, etc., in order to better understand its work and improve its activity.

3. Slandering moods for water. If you are reading aloud, you can put a jar or bottle of clean drinking water in front of you and say the mood. After reading, you gradually drink this water, and then there is an effect not only through the brain, through the head, but the water itself carries information to the cells.

4. Movement. When you read the settings, you can do more additional movements. For example, when you read the mood for the heart, you can do a light massage of the heart area, for the brain - run your hands over the head, for the eyes - run along the temples.

Why is this needed?

Firstly, energy comes from the hands, it’s not for nothing that they say “Place your hand on a sore spot.”

Secondly, this is an additional concentration of attention on the organ you are reading about, the brain focuses better and sends impulses to the right place that trigger recovery processes.