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Rapid recovery of a man's health

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Male power is synonymous with health, youth and success in a man's life. It is possible to return it and save it for many years without the use of medicines and complex surgical operations. It is enough to assimilate the mood of this book.

The method of creative thoughts proposed by the scientist G.N. Sytin is the basis of the future educational medicine, the high efficiency of which the author confirms with 60 years of medical practice and his own experience.

Georgy Sytin supplemented this edition with the chapter "New attitudes", including the texts of creative thoughts from the new series "Healing from old age". Their purpose is to slow down and stop the aging process, which is the cause of the weakening and disease of the reproductive system in men.

Table of contents

Publisher's Foreword

From the author

  • In the beginning there was ... an effort of will
  • Creative Healing Thoughts - A Totally New Method
  • Time is no longer a risk factor
  • How creative thoughts heal
  • The "key" to the mood
  • Attitude to assimilate creative thoughts

Creative thoughts revive a man's health

Chapter 1. Revival of a healthy male reproductive system

  • Strengthening the reproductive system
  • We strengthen the reproductive system with our hearts
  • We strengthen the reproductive system with our hearts (2)

Chapter 2. Healing the reproductive system from pathological disorders

  • Divine Strengthening of the Perineal Brain Center
  • Divine healing from prostate adenoma with difficulty urinating
  • Healing from adenoma of the prostate gland (urine stream is wide, fast)
  • Healing from prostatitis

Chapter 3. Strengthening male power

  • Healing from impotence (resilience of male strength)
  • Sperm activation
  • Penile growth
  • The mood for the birth of a son
  • listen to a fragment of Sytin's mood

  • Birth of immortal children

Chapter 4. Health improvement and rejuvenation of a man's body

  • Divine activation of the endocrine system
  • With all-conquering perseverance, I restore the newborn's body resilience
  • Destruction of infection, improvement of the male body
  • Healing attitudes. Scientific rationale

Medical salon G.N. Sytin - selfless help for everyone

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Author: Georgy Sytin

Publisher: IG "Ves"

Format: 84x108 / 32, 320 pages

ISBN: 978-5-9573-2201-6

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Every day the number of readers is increasing, complaining of a headache, feeling unwell, a decrease in efficiency after using moods allegedly performed by academician Sytin.

These complaints are due to the fact that readers listened to moods in the background of music. In these cases, the nervous system is destroyed by two tempos simultaneously acting - thoughts and music. Even composers say that it is impossible to create a tempo of music that matches the tempo of thought of Academician Sytin! And many years ago, astronauts were forbidden to work with moods in the background of music.

Dear readers! You can use the moods in the personal performance of the academician, which you can be provided with in the Center for Psychological Support of a Person and in its Moscow branch. Beware of fakes! Take care of your health!

Publisher's Foreword

Few of us think about the time in which our lives take place.

I am deeply convinced that we live in times of global change.

Of course, these changes are rarely visible in our daily lives.

Deep down, each of us often experiences mood swings and incomprehensible anxiety.

We live in a time when it is difficult to rely on anything.

Former ideas and values ​​leave people's hearts. New ones imperceptibly begin to appear - but they are still too weak. Spiritual vacuum makes many callous and changeable.

Fortunately, at the same time there are people who have exceptional spiritual power. Their attitude and energy ignite our hearts, inspiring us to search for lost values, make efforts and experience our own life fully and joyfully.

Our eyes begin to look at the world differently, the heart experiences a rebirth - we begin to think and act purely, simply and beautifully.

With sincere warmth I want to introduce you to Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin.

Immediately, from the first telephone conversation, I realized that a close and rare person was talking to me.

Warmth and sincerity slowly and joyfully poured into my soul. I can’t say that “everything is bad” in my life, but this sincere conversation made a strong impression on me. Today it is enough for me to remember the voice of Georgy Nikolaevich to feel cheerful and happy.

I sincerely hope that the Real Life Extension series prepared by our publishing house will become your reliable assistant in everyday life.


Publisher Petr Lisovsky

The Power of Creative Thought: The Soul Builds Its Temple

At the time when a series of books was being conceived, one of which you are now holding in your hands, I came across the article “The Secret of the Third Eye”. It was published in No. 19 of Argumenty i Fakty (2005), a newspaper that has always existed for me, because my parents subscribed to it even before I was born.

I confess that the title of the article made me smile, the same smile that appears on the face of an adult who watches a child carefully studying a ladybug for the first time. "Sensation for today!" I thought. However, the content of the article gradually captivated my attention, and, having barely read to the middle, I suddenly felt myself the same infant explorer who suddenly encountered the amazing perfection of the world.

You probably know that feeling of inner uplift when you suddenly realize that there is a clear relationship between two sensational theories from different fields. One proves the other! I experienced about the same when, carried away by the method of healing attitudes of Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin, I read an article in AiF about the Third Eye.

To be honest, until that moment, the effect of the Sytin method seemed fantastic to me: a person simply listens and repeats the moods - and gradually gets rid of diseases that experienced doctors often cannot help. Only the scientific explanation that Georgy Nikolayevich himself gives, referring to the works of great teachers, philosophers and physiologists, was still not enough for me.

It is quite obvious that this person is distinguished by some kind of extraordinary gift, but it was difficult to say what it consists of, so I made a general, but at the same time true conclusion: Sytin fully owns the possibilities that the Creator laid in the person, but which, alas, not every one of us knows about. But what, in fact, do we need to know about ourselves in order to be the same as Georgy Sytin?

The article, which at first seemed ridiculous to me, oddly enough, shed light on such a difficult question.

It always seemed to me (I'm sure I'm not alone in my opinion) that the human brain is the highest point that evolution has reached over millions of years of life on the planet. It turns out I was wrong.

Judging by the data of paleology and anthropology, once upon a time man was a more perfect being than today. Yes, then there were no computers, satellites, radio and cellular communications, but ... a person had an adequate replacement for all these achievements of our modern world - the Third Eye. It was located directly on the crown of the head and was closely connected with

powerful nerves with the mysterious, as it is now considered, the pineal gland - the epiphysis.

The third eye, as is known from numerous legends and traditions, was intended for communication of a person with the Higher Mind, which we call God, the Creator or the Absolute, depending on what we believe. Perhaps we would have continued to think that the Third Eye is something from the realm of fantasy, if not for the deep research of scientists regarding the functions that the pineal gland performs in the body.

The pineal gland was at one time considered as useless as the tonsils or the appendix, but its hormonal activity, which directly affects the functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, and therefore the work of the whole organism, convinces the opposite.

Depending on the intensity of light perceived by the organs of vision, the pineal gland produces one of two hormones: at night - melatonin, which helps to calm the nervous system, and during the day - serotonin, which stimulates activity and high emotional tone. It is interesting that the excess of the “daytime” hormone turns into the “nighttime” hormone at nightfall, but at dawn the reverse metamorphosis does not happen. Isn't it true, it seems that nature has specially created a kind of fuse for the body, which saves the vitality of a person?

Clinical studies of melatonin have shown that this hormone, produced in large quantities in children, inhibits their puberty, and in adults significantly inhibits sexual energy. For what? The most reasonable conclusion that suggests itself to answer this question is to extend the active possibilities of a person for as long as possible.

Sexual activity is synonymous with youth, isn't it? And melatonin, as it turned out, really has a rejuvenating effect, as well as a pronounced antitumor and immunostimulating effect.

And now pay attention to the fact that long youth, strong immunity, the absence of all kinds of pathologies, boundless optimism and love of life are the very goal that Georgy Nikolayevich Sytin sets and achieves with the help of specially created healing moods. I suspect that the same thought has now flashed in your mind, which, like an insight, also occurred to me when, overcoming my incredulity, I read an article about the Third Eye: Sytin's moods probably stimulate the hormonal activity of the pineal gland to produce melatonin.

I foresee your question: “What does the Third Eye have to do with it, and what, in my own words, makes Sytin a unique person?” Without warming up your curiosity once again, I will share my guesses on this matter.

Traditionally, it was believed that a person needed the Third Eye not to admire the world around him, contemplating it 360 degrees. This “mirror of the soul” perceived other information and was a kind of organ of “spiritual vision”.

Creative thoughts about health and youth, which Sytin creates in the form of attitudes, are fundamentally different from all other thoughts that can only arise in the human mind. “My heavenly Father God Almighty, dearly beloved, informs me that my soul is immortal, eternally young, kind, angelic…” Just listen to the music of these words, from which one of the moods begins! I think that their healing effect lies not only in perfect harmony and optimistic mood.

Unlike those thoughts that constantly swarm in our heads, Sytin's creative thoughts have a different source. And I would venture to suggest that this is not the actual consciousness of Georgy Nikolaevich, but that Higher Mind with which he closely contacts and of which he himself is a part.

A new question arises: how does this happen? And again I find the answer in the article about the Third Eye.

In the process of studying the pineal gland, the researchers found that this gland in absolutely all people and animals contains the so-called brain sand - small spherical crystals, which, according to the newspaper, "are capable of receiving radiation of a non-electromagnetic nature."

In physics, I confess, I’m not strong, but the last fact made me rebuild my humanitarian consciousness, and, having plunged into the intricacies of the science of physics, I concluded that we are talking about a wave stream of subatomic neutrino particles, which have super-penetrating ability and at the same time are absolutely neutral . If I'm not mistaken, it is in this form that vital information for humans is transmitted from space.

I would not dare to say that Georgy Sytin has a really working Third Eye, but in the process of communicating with this extraordinary person, I learned a few interesting facts.

It is enough for Sytin to look a person in the eyes in order to diagnose in detail the state of his health. Imagine, I had the opportunity to see in the e-mail of Georgy Nikolayevich a letter from one of the people close to him, who sent a photograph of his eyes precisely so that Sytin would find out about his condition and create a mood especially for him.

I'm sure if you had the opportunity to ask him a few questions, you would start with the same thing that interested me in the first place: “How do you create moods? How does this process take place? Georgy Nikolayevich does not make a secret and frankly tells that when he meets a patient, he “tunes in to his wave”, as if taking over someone else’s well-being for himself, and generates a stream of creative thoughts that are necessary to cure the disease he “felt” by him. The words of the mood simply appear in his mind, like any other unbidden thoughts.

By and large, Georgy Sytin does not speak about the source of creative thoughts, but the presence of the Divine principle in them is obvious. And, probably, it would not make sense to talk about a causal relationship between the Higher Mind and the created creative thought, if it were not for the uniqueness of this person. He creates his moods through his own feeling of someone else's pain. The words of creative thoughts are not invented or composed mechanically. That is why they contain that energy that magically revives the ideally correct health of a person, his youth and love of life. Only a person who truly possesses such a gift is capable of this!

Georgy Nikolayevich himself is a staunch supporter of science, and he simply and convincingly explains the effect of the method he created from a clear standpoint of psychology and pedagogy. By and large, no other evidence is needed. But when they suddenly appear, it is, of course, impossible not to say about them.

The idea of ​​the Third Eye is just one of many theories that explain and confirm the healing effect of creative thoughts. But more eloquent than theory, perhaps, is only practice, the fruits of which the author of healing attitudes could not hide by inviting me on an excursion to his healing salon.

I confess that I was struck by the constant listeners of Georgy Sytin, who literally shone with health and cheerfulness, demonstrating, like a miracle, their healing. “Before, I couldn’t even get out of bed - my knee joints hurt so much. She lay for two years! Now just look what I can do!” one woman said with delight, and right in front of us, dropping to her knees with ease, she began to walk on them, and then with the same ease got up and again began to thank Dr. Sytin.

The book you are holding in your hands is special. Perhaps, none of the previously released publications, prepared with my direct participation, contained so many creative searches, discoveries and surprise bordering on revelation.

I hope that after reading it, you will not only regain a full-blooded sense of health. The words of creative thoughts are saturated with deep love for everything that surrounded a person at the dawn of civilization, and this is the deep meaning of healing: the return of spiritual and physical integrity, without which the evolution of the soul is impossible. Isn't that the meaning of our life?

Lead Editor

Ksenia Emelyanova

From the author

God created man in his own image and likeness - the creator of his physical body, endowed him with creative thoughts about himself, which have a materializing power, the possibilities of which are endless.

Creative thoughts about oneself are stronger than omnipotent fate, stronger than all the elements of nature.

G. N. Sytin

Educational medicine

Today's medicine does not set the task of completely restoring health in every disease. And a person does not set himself such a task. Therefore, today we are all witnesses of how in every person, more and more new diseases are superimposed on health disorders that have not been completely cured, there are more and more of them, they accelerate aging. In the fight against them, vital forces are expended - they become less and less, and, in the end, a person dies prematurely.

In order to change this picture and increase the life expectancy of a person, it is always necessary to achieve a complete restoration of health with each disease. If a person sets himself such a task, then, as experience shows, completely different neuro-brain and spiritual mechanisms are included in the struggle for health, which are capable of completely restoring health. It is clear that for this a person must engage in active work on himself in order to fully recover.

Medicine should teach a person to correctly set the task for a complete recovery, teach him how to work on himself and guide a person until his full recovery. The physician must be given appropriate training to be able to do this work.

This book will enable each reader to work on himself in order to gain strong immunity.

In order to gain good health and maintain it throughout life, a person must constantly tune himself to speed up recovery, to slow down aging. It is absolutely impossible to do this with the help of drugs without the participation of the person himself. Therefore, a person must be convinced that he himself can successfully accelerate recovery, slow down aging and increase the duration of his life.

But for this, medicine must teach a person to take care of his own good health, strive to lead a healthy lifestyle, think of yourself as a healthy person. The thought of man about himself creates the body, both healthy and sick.

Modern medicine tries to study and treat a person in isolation from his thoughts. Such medicine has no scientific basis. It is necessary to create educational medicine. The one who prescribes the treatment must be an educator, a specialist in the field of temperament, character, abilities, will, self-education and the entire spiritual sphere of a person, and not only in the field of the structure of the physical body.

Educational medicine gives a person ready-made thoughts that eliminate the disorders that have arisen in the body and restore health. Man must take these thoughts into his consciousness and make them his knowledge. This knowledge of oneself will create a healthy body.

Educational medicine teaches a person to think of himself as healthy in each specific case of health impairment. Obviously, medicine should educate a person, develop him and teach him methods of self-improvement in case of illness and aging.

And this means that all real medicine should be educative and developing.

New Medicine is based on half a century of successful practice of educative medicine, which is reflected in 60 books published in five million copies. This practice has covered all areas of modern medicine.

On behalf of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences N.A. Razumov organized a review of my ten-volume work at the Center headed by him. A positive review with a recommendation of its publication by the Medicina publishing house was sent to the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and to the author.

The unusually high efficiency of educative medicine is obviously due to the fact that it is scientifically substantiated and therefore very promising. The method of educative medicine received a positive assessment at the Institute of Traditional Methods of Treatment, at the Cardiology Center, and also passed very successfully clinical trials at the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry. V. P. Serbian. The Institute of Biophysics recommended its use in the treatment of exposed people. Director of the Research Institute of Normal Physiology, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences K. V. Sudakov expressed the opinion that "the widespread use of this method will lead to the improvement of large contingents of the Russian population."

The method of educative medicine is highly valued at the Russian Academy of Education (RAO). Academician of the Russian Academy of Education G. N. Filonov wrote in his review: “The method of prof. G. N. Sytin must be made available to the entire population of Russia.” For this method, the author was awarded the degree of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences in the Russian Academy of Education, in Munich the author was elected an academician of the International Academy of Sciences, in Brussels the Georgy Sytin International University was established with branches in Moscow and New York, and was appointed vice president of the World Distributed University.

The method of educative medicine was used by the author himself.

In August 2006, the author turned 85 years old. The Research Institute of Normal Physiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences investigated his biological age and made a conclusion, approved by a very authoritative scientist - Academician K.V. Sudakov, that the biological age is 30-40 years lower than the calendar one. The author never drew up a pension for himself, because the appointment of a pension for him would be as ridiculous as if a pension were assigned to a young athlete - a gymnast, champion of the Olympic Games.

The method contains theory, methods of self-education, attitudes and methods for their successful assimilation.

Attitude is the exact verbal formulation of knowledge. Mood does not have an expiration date, which all medicines have. Attitude is a thought-like emotional-volitional self-conviction, which is immeasurably stronger than many medicines. The possibilities of drugs are very limited, the possibilities of self-persuasion are almost unlimited.

The moods reflect the idea of ​​recovery-rejuvenation in a verbal formulation. The image, feelings and volitional effort in their unity create an impulse from the brain to the internal environment of the physical body of such enormous power that it is able not only to influence the activity of any organ and any system, but also to eliminate pathological disorders in anatomical structures. Thanks to this, without surgical operations, it is possible to remove neoplasms, restore the function and internal anatomical structure of any organ and system of the physical body, and revive a young organism, prolonging life.

In many men, against the background of prostatitis, prostate adenoma is formed, which is very dangerous and often turns into a malignant tumor, because of which people die in their prime. And what is medicine doing now? She uses proscar (a drug manufactured in the USA) and other similar drugs that turn a person into an absolute impotent. Medicine does not even ask if he agrees to such a “treatment”! And such "treatment" is carried out in the most prestigious medical institutions. In this case, the introduction of educational medicine into work with the population will preserve the ability of these men to have children.

The same thing happens with the "treatment" of uterine fibroids in women - the uterus is simply radically removed surgically. Educational medicine on will be able to cure women with such a disease without surgery, and they will be able to give birth to children.

Dear readers, I am convinced that it will be not only interesting, but certainly useful for you to learn about what underlies my method and what prompted me to search for new ways to improve the human body. This information will help you to work correctly according to my books: you will learn what is necessary for the successful assimilation of healing attitudes and you will be able to fully restore your health.

In the beginning there was ... an effort of will

After a severe ninth wound, I was discharged from the hospital as a disabled person of the 1st group in 1944, and in 1957 I was recognized as fit for combat without restrictions.

In August 2013, I turn 92 years old, but I have never drawn up a pension for myself and I always work. In Europe and America, I earn money and use it to maintain a free medical salon in Moscow, where everyone can see and hear creative thoughts performed by me on a large TV. All over Europe in German, my healing attitudes are distributed in text and sound on laser discs and audio cassettes.

The Americans in my office set up a teleconference for a live broadcast to America of my creative thoughts.

If a person thinks of himself as young and energetic at 100 years old, he becomes like that: wrinkles disappear, old age disappears ...

As a result of a specially conducted experiment on rejuvenation, at 75 I turned out to be 40 years younger than my age (see the conclusion of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences on p. 27). At 68, I became the father of a daughter, and at 70, the father of a son.

For my ideas about creative thoughts, I was arrested 3 times, imprisoned, mocking feuilletons were written about me, portraying me as a freak, an enemy of the people, 16 times I was kicked out of work. In search of work, I traveled all over the country, this persecution continued for half a century, but they could not break me, because creative thoughts are stronger than omnipotent fate, stronger than all the elements of nature.

I overcame everything: both injuries, and illnesses, and half a century of persecution, and old age, in order to give you creative thoughts from all troubles, illnesses and old age and teach you to always think about yourself as a talented, strong-willed, young, energetic, strong person, fast, full of health and strength, who has his whole life ahead of him.

With all my heart I wish you complete victory over diseases and old age!

This book will help you master creative thoughts about yourself. It should be read in order to always think of yourself as a young healthy person. Some people read creative thoughts, as if for the sake of form, but continue to think of themselves as a sick, old person. Such people complain about their troubles, not understanding their causes. And the reason is that they continue to think of themselves as a sick, old person and thereby make themselves such.

You need this book to overcome such depressing thoughts forever.

The creative thoughts you need about health and youth I have put into verbal formulations and presented in this book.


The regiment went on the offensive.

Shells were bursting in front and behind. A fragment of a shell that exploded ahead, crashed into the stomach. The clods of frozen earth, scattered with great speed from the explosion, hit the lower back, knocked down a vertebra, and the spinal cord was infringed. At night they were taken to the hospital.

- Do not bring it into the ward, it will not last until the morning, only to injure the wounded.

On the morning tour:

- He's still breathing.

- Bring it into the third ward, there is a free space.

Consciousness returned a few days later.

- How's the pulse?

- Frequent.

- What kind of injury does he have?

- Ninth.

- A strong soldier.

The attacks of pain from an open duodenal ulcer were terrible. Bleeding, losing strength. He tried to sit up in bed, so as not to fall, he grabbed the back.

- George! If you fall, you will die! Willpower where? We must endure!

From shock pain all perspire, wet with sweat.

- Willpower!

And I didn't fall. The pain receded. The bleeding has stopped! Volitional effort! I realized that I will survive!

After 3 months, he was discharged from the hospital as a disabled person of group I, gave 149 ampoules, a syringe and a sterilizer. I did the injections myself.

4 years have passed, but the thought of the effectiveness of volitional effort did not leave me.

In the summer of 1948, he came to the Minister of Health, Efim Ivanovich Smirnov, and told this story. I explained that I wanted to comprehend it in order to create an effective method for others. But there is no necessary knowledge for this. The minister ordered me to be enrolled as a student at the First Moscow Medical Institute without entrance exams.

Before closing, he sat up in the Lenin Library. Hypnosis? This is willpower suppression. What would happen to me if I didn't have the will... without the will to work on myself? Not good.

It is necessary to create a method, the core of which would be will, volitional effort. With this thought, he again came to the minister. On his instructions, I was heard at the scientific council of the ministry and organized for me to receive patients in order to create a fundamentally new method.

In 1957, the military medical commission of the city military registration and enlistment office recognized me, a disabled person of group I, fit for combat without restrictions. As it turned out, there had never been such cases in the world before.

This is the victory of willpower!

Then, in graduate school with the famous academician-psychologist K. N. Kornilov, he asked to approve the topic of the dissertation “Volitional effort”. The department agreed. Everyone called me not by my first name, but “willed effort”.

After defending his dissertation, he returned to the students. I didn't find anything for myself in psychiatry. Began to look in physiology. Passed the candidate's exam in physiology, but found nothing here either. Searched for 30 years. Came to pedagogy. And then I found: self-persuasion! Its core is willpower! For research in this direction, I was awarded the degree of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.

In Munich, I was elected an academician of the International Academy of Sciences in the Department of Psychosomatics. On the basis of self-conviction, he began to accumulate experience in medical work in psychiatry, speech therapy, neurology, cardiology, gynecology, gastroenterology and other areas.

But my 75th birthday was approaching. Strength was exhausted, health collapsed. What to do? He began an experiment to rejuvenate himself. After 8 months, physiologists of the Research Institute of Normal Physiology. P.K. Anokhina of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences estimated my biological age at 30–40 years old, with a calendar age of 75.

New forces have appeared, a new energy has been born, and with enthusiasm I continue to explore the possibilities of self-persuasion in healing and rejuvenation.

Moscow Mayor Yu. M. Luzhkov instructed to allocate a good room for a free medical salon, which has been working very successfully by the method of self-persuasion for 15 years.

Creative healing moods - a fundamentally new method

The mood is stronger than omnipotent fate.

Attitude protects against all diseases.

Attitude heals from all diseases.

G. N. Sytin

My method is fundamentally different from all modern world medicine. I am healing through the healing of the soul. Modern medicine treats only the physical body with a scalpel or pill.

For example, if a woman has a cyst on her ovary, the surgeon will remove it. The first time the cyst grew within 3 years, and after the operation was performed, it grew in half a year. The surgeon will cut it out a second time. Now the cyst will grow in 3 months.

After all, the fact is that the cyst remains in the soul. And the soul totally creates the physical body, and if the soul is traumatized, and the cyst was first formed at the level of the soul, then this deviation will not be slow to appear in the physical body.

I, with the help of my attitudes, eliminate all kinds of deviations in the soul. When they disappear in the soul, their manifestations immediately disappear in the physical body. None of the women who have been treated in our salon have been operated on for polycystic ovaries, fibroids, uterine fibroids, mastopathy, breast adenoma, breast cysts. All neoplasms disappear without surgical intervention. Let me give you one example: a woman who was treated with moods for thyroid nodules did not have surgery. Knots under the influence of attitudes disappeared by themselves.

Not a single man has been operated on for prostate adenoma. The mood for healing from prostate adenoma removes the tumor in the soul, and at the same time the disease disappears at the level of the physical body.

Such treatment, which is fundamentally different from all modern medicine, is extremely promising. It permanently eliminates the possibility of relapse.

Time is no longer a risk factor

I am often asked to create short set-ups due to the lack of time to assimilate. But the timing of the mood does not depend on me. It is determined by the complexity of the task. I was asked to do a very short mindset for hypotension - low blood pressure. I made a short express mood for 5 minutes. Then its action was checked on special equipment. It turned out that the mood can not have any effect on the increase in blood pressure.

I expanded the mood to include new physiological fragments. It turned out the mood for 13 minutes. We again checked its action on the equipment - we got a result similar to the first one. Then I turned on some more physiological fragments, making the mood lasting 18 minutes. As a result, the effect is very low.

When I included in the mood all the physiological mechanisms that are needed in order for the arterial blood pressure to become normal - 120/80, the mood turned out to be 23 minutes of sound. And when they checked its action with the help of equipment, it turned out that it works, that is, it increases blood pressure to a normal level, improves both mood and general well-being of a person.

Thus, the sounding time of the mood is determined by the complexity of the task. There is one more important point to keep in mind here. It is necessary to repeat the most important semantic blocks, to repeat in order to necessarily have a powerful impulse from the brain to the internal environment of the body or to the lower parts of the nervous system itself.

The pronunciation of the mood must necessarily include an active thought, image, feelings, volitional efforts. Self-persuasion is therefore called thought-like, emotional-volitional. Only such self-persuasion gives that incredible effect, which is still unknown to medicine.


The mood only works when it is mastered. If it's in the closet, it's of no use.

The following has been experimentally established:

• after careful assimilation of creative thoughts, the effect intensifies within 7 hours;

• per day, the effect is reduced by one third, and then continues to work for a month;

• only after a month the influence of the mood disappears, but the effect that was achieved due to its assimilation remains;

• If you repeat the assimilation of the mood within 7 hours, then its effect will be equal to the square of the effect of the first assimilation.

I am often asked how long it takes to master the mood. I answer: creative thoughts must be assimilated until a person brings himself into full conformity with their content.

Once, in the area of ​​the Belorussky railway station, I met an elderly woman. I go busy with my thoughts, I see: a woman is sitting on a bench in front of the entrance. Something, some vague feeling, made me stop near her. She felt it, raised her head and said in such surprise:

— George Nikolaevich?

“Yes,” I answer.

- Don't you remember me? she asks.

“Here,” I say, “something stopped me right next to you, but I can’t remember you specifically.

The woman said that she underwent a course of treatment with me when she was 60 years old. She is now 106 years old and still walks without a cane. He keeps my moods in a box. Her great-great-grandson gave her a new tape recorder, and when something unpleasant happens or there is a quarrel in the family, she turns on the mood “To blissful calmness” and, listening to it, sits calmly and enjoys life. And now she is already 106 years old, and she feels great and continues to assimilate moods.

After meeting this woman, I simply do not know what to answer when they ask how long it takes to assimilate the mood. None of my patients threw out the moods prescribed for him. People take care of their moods, and if something happens in their life, they always have the most powerful psychological support, which improves their health.

Creative thoughts do not have an expiration date, unlike all medicines. Once mastered by man, they will work forever. And therefore, using the settings for treatment is much more profitable, more promising, more interesting than being treated with drugs and a surgical scalpel.

I do not at all deny the effectiveness of drugs and surgical operations. They are needed in certain acute cases. But where there is no sharpness, it is always more profitable to use the mood, and not the pill.

How Creative Thoughts Heal

When a person restores anatomical structures with the help of attunements, the physical body revives its newborn wholeness without forming any scars.

A few years ago, a man came to me for treatment after a second heart attack. And three months later he brought me a conclusion from the cardiology center, which said that he had never had a heart attack. When creative thoughts restore the structure of a certain organ, no scars are formed, the newborn integrity of all tissues, all structures of this organ is restored.

If, for example, a person is cured of a stomach ulcer or an ulcer of the duodenal bulb with the help of medicines at home or in a hospital, then scars form when the ulcer heals. Scars are always painful. Food passing through the scars irritates them, and a new ulcer opens. Therefore, ulcer patients suffer from their illness all their lives: one ulcer will heal, another will form.

If a person is cured of an ulcer with the help of creative thoughts, then the newborn wholeness of tissues is revived, that is, a scar is not formed. Therefore, with the help of the attitude, people are cured of an ulcer for a lifetime. Relapses will never occur, and a person will be healthy throughout his life.

It must be remembered that evil thoughts and harm deliberately inflicted on other people injure the soul and destroy the physical body, which means they shorten life. And love, bright feelings and pure thoughts create impenetrable protection for the soul and physical body from the harmful effects of people, weather and climate, protect spiritual and physical health, and increase life expectancy.

Creative thoughts about strengthening love for God, for nature, for the whole Universe, for people, for children, for your family, for all of God's white light, are very useful, tune in to enhance the joy of life.

Read and try to assimilate a very short but incredibly effective mindset. It will prolong your life, and you will not want to part with it.

My heavenly Father God Almighty, dearly beloved, informs me that my soul is immortal, eternally young, kind, angelic, cheerful, playful-joking, absolutely carefree, eternally Divinely healthy, eternally untouched by disease, time or life.

The feeling of love in me intensifies a million times. I love God with great Divine love, I love with great Divine love all of God's beautiful white light, I love with great Divine love the entire Universe, the beautiful earth created by God. I am with brightness

I feel like lightning: love becomes brighter, stronger, light Divine feelings intensify. I love people, children, my family with great Divine love.

Light feelings intensify, become brighter and brighter, in the soul all thoughts are Divinely pure. I love my physical body with great Divine love. In the rays of my great Divine love, the physical body revives, blossoms, revives an energetic young life. All internal organs come to life, flourish, live a young, energetic, joyful life. I am a fun-loving, energetic person. Every moment I love all of God's white light, I enjoy life every moment. I live happier, happier, happier. Everything is great in my life. I live Divinely free in full contentment.

With great Divine love, I heal the physical body. Great Divine love and pure thoughts create impenetrable protection of the soul and body from all the harmful influences of people, weather and climate. My excellent health and cheerful mood are indestructibly persistent.

I live happily, joyfully, happily.

It is good to always have this attitude with you, place it above your desktop, remember it and repeat it from time to time so that it is always in your soul.


1. Rejuvenation. Part 1. Stem cells

God says to me: “I created you three days ago as a newborn young Divinely beautiful young man, a young handsome hero, full of health and strength, who has his whole life ahead of him.

I have translated the biological clock of your soul, your physical body into newborn youth. And now all the structures of your soul know that you are newborn young. The soul knows that it is newborn-young. The whole physical body knows that it is newborn-young. All the internal organs, all the structures of the physical body, all the billions of nerve cells in the brain-spinal cord, all the internal organs know that they are newborn-young. Your heart knows that it is newborn-young.”

God told me: “Three days ago I created your entire nervous system, all the billions of nerve cells, newborn young, immortal. I created your heart - a newborn-young, immortal, heroic, powerful, omnipotent, titanic resistant, titanic strong.

Now you should know for sure that in a year your appearance will fully correspond to the newborn-young beautiful age. Your whole head quickly turns into a newborn-young head, your whole physical body turns into a newborn-young, young, strong-elastic, Divinely beautiful. You must know for sure that in 10 years and beyond, and in 20 years and beyond, and in 30 years and beyond, you will continue to grow, develop comprehensively, and improve. And after 30 years and beyond, you are a young handsome hero, full of health and strength.


The full text of the mood is available in the full version of the book after payment.


8. Strengthening the reproductive system

In all systems of the body, in all internal organs, the gigantic energy of youth is in full swing. Now in the whole body the gigantic, inexhaustible energy of youth is in full swing. The entire neuro-cerebral apparatus that controls the life of the body is physiologically strengthened at a gigantic rate, is born exactly the same - a newborn-young, 18-year-old, physiologically gigantic strong. The neuro-cerebral apparatus of the reproductive system is now physiologically intensifying, activating, intensifying at a gigantic speed. In the genitals, the nerves become healthier, stronger, stronger. In the entire reproductive system, the nerves become healthier, stronger, stronger. The entire reproductive system is sharply activated, physiologically enhanced.

Sexual arousal is increasing at a gigantic speed, my masculine strength is increasing. The sex glands - the testicles - are now exactly the same, 18-year-olds, physiologically gigantic strong, energetic. Sex glands - testicles - now work exactly the same, exactly the same. Today the reproductive system celebrates its 18th anniversary. The sex glands - the testicles - are now exactly the same, 18-year-olds, physiologically gigantic strong. Sex glands - testicles - now, now exactly the same, 18-year-olds, produce exactly the same huge amount of energetic, strong sperm.

The sex glands - the testicles - are now exactly the same, 18-year-olds, just as overflowing with sperm. The sex glands - the testicles - are now exactly the same, 18-year-olds, just as overflowing with sperm. The gonads - the testicles - are now exactly the same, 18-year-olds, in the same way they produce a huge amount of enzymes, hormones that strengthen the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, and activate the vital activity of the whole organism. The sex glands - the testicles - are now exactly the same, physiologically gigantic strong, active; they produce exactly the same young, 18 year old, gigantic strong sperm.

In the gonads - the testicles - now gigantic energetic, physiologically gigantic strong spermatozoa are born in exactly the same way, from which only boys, only male children, can be born. The neuro-cerebral apparatus of the reproductive system is now exactly the same, physiologically gigantic strong, energetic. In the genital organs, the nerves are strong, steely, gigantic strong, titanic resistant. Sexual arousal is now exactly the same, 18-year-old, physiologically gigantic strong.


The full text of the mood is available in the full version of the book after payment.


15. Healing from impotence (persistence of male power)

All systems of my body are titanic resistant, titanic resistant for many centuries. My male power from God is titanicly resistant, titanicly resistant for many centuries. The neuro-cerebral apparatus of masculine strength is from God, titanicly resistant from God, titanicly resistant for many centuries. All sexual organs are titanic resistant for many centuries. The entire reproductive system with titanic stamina, with titanic stamina, has been working energetically for many centuries. My sex life is titanic resistant, titanic resistant for many centuries.

I know from God as the ultimate Divine truth that my sexual activity has titanic stamina for many centuries. My energetic sex life from God has titanic stamina, titanic, all-overcoming, all-conquering stamina for many centuries. My erection has a titanic durability, a titanic durability for many centuries. My sexual activity, my enormous masculine strength has been titanic for centuries. With the brightness of lightning, I see myself as a man of great, enormous male power for many centuries.

With the brightness of lightning I see my reproductive system for many centuries physiologically energetic, gigantically strong. With the brightness of lightning I see myself for many centuries as a young man, Divinely healthy, of great male strength. My eternally young, eternally developing, eternally growing spirit possesses from God a gigantic, all-conquering, Divine power. My eternally young, eternally developing spirit is one with my Divinely beautiful, young beautiful body. And that is why my body has a titanic, all-overcoming, all-conquering stamina for many centuries. My male strength has a gigantic, titanic, all-overcoming, all-conquering stamina-stamina. With the brightness of lightning, I see myself for many centuries as a man of great male power.

All neuro-cerebral mechanisms of sexual intercourse have titanic resistance for many centuries. My erection has a titanic, all-overcoming, all-conquering, stamina-resistance for many centuries. The entire neuro-cerebral apparatus, the anatomical-physiological apparatus, possesses titanic stamina-resistance for many centuries. The entire neuro-cerebral, anatomical and physiological mechanism of sexual intercourse is titanicly resistant, titanicly resistant for many centuries.


The full text of the mood is available in the full version of the book after payment.


End of introduction

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