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As of 75 I became a young

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Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician, psychotherapist with 70 years of practical experience, devoted himself to developing the problem of self-belief as a means of self-healing.

The basis of the created by G.N. The word lay down to the sytin of the method. Its healing moods change the entire body, remove all neoplasms without surgery, restore hair color, and cause general rejuvenation.

Table of contents

Resolution of the Academic Council on the organization of a scientific experiment on the rejuvenation of Academician G.N. Sytin

The conclusion of the Institute of Normal Physiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences about the biological age of Academician G.N. Sytin at 30-40 years old with a calendar age of 75 years

Commentary on the "Conclusion ..."


From the author

How to internalize attitudes

The presence of God in my soul fills every living cell of my body with gigantic energy: all lung tissue is healed, is reborn as a newborn (video No. 58)

The presence of God restores the primordial properties of the body, youthful features of appearance (video No. 59)

The presence of God in my soul makes it impossible for diseases to arise (video No. 60)

My whole life is filled with the presence of God: the Lord God constantly strengthens the immune system, heals my entire body (video No. 90)

The presence of God in my soul helps me create a young body, restore youthful skin, golden-red boyish hair color, heal all internal organs, all body systems (video No. 104)

Rejuvenation of the entire cardiovascular system, restoration of youthful hair color (video No. 107)

By divine will, the youthful structure of the body is restored: the neoplasm on the prostate gland is destroyed (video No. 108)

With the power of my mind, I command all blood vessels not to allow a single nutrient molecule to enter the tumor on the prostate gland. I create my body young and healthy (video No. 116)

I develop in myself an indifferent attitude to everyday trifles: no monetary losses, no everyday difficulties, losses can darken the Divine joy of life (video No. 123)

The presence of God rejuvenates the endocrine and immune systems (video # 124)

I try to get to know God more deeply and feel healing more clearly (video # 125)

The revival of the gigantic energy of childhood in all organs and systems of the body (video No. 127)

I have developed an indifferent attitude towards monetary losses. My condition does not depend on living conditions, on various losses (video No. 130)

I must, with all the forces of my mind, believe that the almighty God is always present in my soul: he instantly heals me, rejuvenates my appearance, all my internal organs (video No. 136)

The presence of God develops muscles, develops Divine abilities for telepathy, clairvoyance and other capabilities of the body (video No. 138)

Through the presence of God, my body revives 15 years of age (video No. 139)

Strengthening the immune system (video No. 140)

I am constantly developing my ability to heal people and all Divine abilities (video No. 146)

By the presence of God, youthful hair color is restored, joints are healed, my whole body is healed (video No. 149)

I develop my Divine abilities. My healing gift is amplified many times (video No. 153)

I am reborn as a 15-year-old boy, a gigantic physiological energy fills me all (video No. 158)

Restoration of pristine freshness of the face, youthful hair color. Activation of the nervous system (video No. 159)

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Author: Georgy Sytin

Publisher: IG "Ves"

ISBN: 5-88140-029-1

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