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The thoughts are creating beauty and young women up to 100 years and beyond

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Georgy Nikolaevich Sytin is the founder of the new EDUCATIONAL MEDICINE, the possibilities of which are almost endless. Educational medicine is universal and widely available. With the help of the underlying method of healing-rejuvenation with creative thoughts (healing moods), each person can get rid of even the most severe ailments, resist age-related changes, and prolong their life.

The book you are holding in your hands is addressed to the beautiful half of humanity. Having mastered the moods of Sytin collected in it, you will strengthen your health, rejuvenate your soul and physical body, gain and preserve beauty, femininity, attractiveness in the eyes of men and harmonious relations with the outside world for many years.

A description of the basic principles of educational medicine and the author's recommendations for the successful assimilation of creative thoughts will help to achieve the best results when working with the book.

Table of contents


A word to patients and those who have been healed ...

From the author

Educational medicine

Wellness rejuvenation with healing attitudes - a fundamentally new method

Self-education techniques

The method of successful assimilation of moods

Time is no longer a risk factor

How creative thoughts heal

Creative thoughts revive beauty and rejuvenate the female body

Chapter 1. The revival of female beauty

1. For long-term female beauty

2. For long-term female beauty (2nd option)

3. Divine facial rejuvenation

4. Creation of a youthful face

5. Skin revitalization

6. Divine hair restoration

7. Body rejuvenation

8. Young body for many centuries

Chapter 2. Accelerating recovery. Slow down aging

9. Joy of life

10. Eternally new bright Divine joy

11. Accelerating recovery

12. I slow down aging

13. Forever young life

14. Energy

15. Energy (2nd option)

16. Energy and power of life

17. Revitalization of life

18. Continuous health improvement (express mindset for rewriting)

19. Healthy life

Chapter 3. Mechanisms of rejuvenation

20. Divine Revival of Youth

21. The great prospect of the revival of youth

22. I see myself as a young beauty and after 100 years and beyond (express mood for rewriting)

23. The birth of immortal children

24. For the birth of immortal children and at 100 years of age and beyond (express mood for rewriting)

Chapter 4. Rejuvenation of the soul

25. Self-sufficient soul (express mood for rewriting)

26. Soul rejuvenation

27. Wellness of the Soul

28. Divine rejuvenation of the soul, head

29. The Greatest Perspective of Life

30. I live in complete harmony with the entire universe

Chapter 5. Activating the brain

31. Revival of young brain rhythms

32. Improvement of the brain

33. Divine Healing Brain Recovery

Chapter 6. Restoring Newborn Health

34. Self-sufficient body (express attitude for rewriting)

35. Divine revival of a young girl's structure of the body

36. Divine revival of the 16-year-old structure of the body

37. Divine rejuvenation of blood vessels

38. Divine rejuvenation (without overcoming menopause)

39. Divine rejuvenation (with overcoming menopause)

40. Healing of urinary incontinence

41. Strengthening the spiritual nervous strength. The birth of a young girlish structure of the whole body

42. Stem cells

Treatment salon GN Sytin - disinterested help for everyone.

Book Information:

Author: Georgy Sytin

Publisher: IG "Ves"

ISBN: 978-5-9573-0642-9

E-book in PDF and EPUB formats.

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